About Us

the lovers. the dreamers.  

the trouble makers. 

the heart stoppers. thinkers. the travel Junkies. 

they follow the sun. the music. the love. the adventures. 

meet the benz family. 


meet rhythm wyld benz

the first edition to the benz family. master benz graced the world in early 2016 and life hasn’t been the same. born in montauk new york, this little rug-rat is already breaking hearts all over.

from the decks at the surf lodge to the shores of bondi beach rhythm is already wheeling and dealing the life only boys can dream of. stay tuned - big things to come.


meet baybi blue benz

madam baybi blue, born in manhattan in the midst of a snow storm in 2018 and already has the entire benz family wrapped around her finger.

blue eyes and lashes for days, this little lady is already ahead of the game.



meet oliver benz

a true beach kid, from a small coastal town in oz called noosa. his mantra was always surf by day, music by night.

determined to take the world by storm he followed his heart to new york city. 

his thirst for success not satisfied with just modelling he slowly yet surely found himself gravitating towards his other true love. the beats. 

comfortable in the spotlight and a natural behind the decks Oliver has found himself playing at all major hot spots across NY, LA and Oz.  

meet sasha benz

the pocket rocket from hell. smart and determined, this little monster worked her way through the fashion world at a young age, styling for the magazines you drool over. a brainiac with more focus and drive then your average fashion stylist.

creative and focused, her entrepreneurial state of mind kicked into overdrive when she migrated to the empire state. 

shortly after the magazine went viral, the surf lodge took her captive, and she runs the show during the summer months in montauk as the director of partnerships. 

the opportunity to open a retail space presented itself to sasha just weeks before the summer of 2019 - and in just moments wyld blue was born.

while this project was not planned, and came together in just a few weeks - it was in essence years of her experience styling, creating, working with brands and understanding how to merge her impeccable style and eye for detail. wyld blue is a curation of the benzs life and years of travel and adventure. 

welcome to their journey. 



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